Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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Post by InsanityRanch » Wed 05.11.2005 6:46 pm

My favorite tool for kanji study is Lexikan (http://www.lexikan.com). It is NOT freeware, but at $35 for the full version, I think it's a bargain. And no, I don't own stock in the company or anything.

Lexikan's best and most unusual feature is its drawing module -- you learn kanji at least in part by writing them, which certainly worked for me. You can even look up unfamiliar kanji by drawing them, sort of like some electronic dictionaries.

Using prebuilt files you can study kanji in grade order, or in the order presented in many of the standard English-language reference books, or you can input your own lists.

There is also a flashcard mode in which you can drill kanji readings or jukugo. (In grade order, and perhaps other orders as well, there are downloadable files which contain the jukugo that use kanji only up to a given grade.)

There is also a drill module for both the syllabaries, and I think a drawing mode for those as well, but truthfully I don't use those so can't comment.

I've used the various kanji features in various ways over the years. At first I was concerned mostly with learning individual kanji as quickly as possible. For that I used the draw mode primarily. Later, when I encountered jukugo (to my horrified amazement!), I began using the flashcard mode heavily to drill myself in the skills of "sounding out" unfamiliar jukugo. This is an extremely useful skill for reading!

My only complaint about the product is that it is entirely aimed at the "handling Japanese written input" part of the language problem. Ah well, no product can do everything, right? <g> At least it does WHAT it does very well!

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RE: Lexikan

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Hmm that is kinda nice...

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