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RE: Electronic Dictionaries

Post by friendly_fire » Fri 11.03.2006 6:26 am

I was in Bic Camera this afternoon playing around with the Canon WordTank G55. Actually, I've never owned or used an electronic dictionary before, but thanks to the video and other information on this site I was easily able to search with the kanjigen dictionary, utilize the "jump" feature, switch the menu's to English, etc, etc.

Seems like a great product. I'm VERY tempted to get one, but I'll need to count my pennies. They're a little expensive!

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RE: Electronic Dictionaries

Post by clay » Fri 11.03.2006 10:35 am

Yesterday I played with comparing a Canon G70 and Seiko E10000. Both are top of the line, but as much I as I have liked Canon in the past, the Seiko is a much better machine.

Dictionary-wise, they are twins - they both have the massive Kenkyusha J-E. But the Seiko is MUCH faster in look ups than the Canon. Also the backlighting (for me) has become essential.

I will try to do a video to show the differences, but if you are looking for the top of the line, definitely consider the Seiko E10000. Very expensive, but...

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