Learn by playing?

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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Learn by playing?

Post by Ichigo19 » Wed 11.29.2006 1:23 pm

Kanji sonomama DS Rakuhiku Jiten

Quiz! King of Japanese Language

Adult's Kanji Training

Does any one know if these games are good for learning japanese? the Kanji sonomama game is supposed to be like an electronic dictionary the way it sounded so does it actually act like a game anyone know if its good for learning purposes? the King of japanese language I have no idea about so if someone could enlighten me as to how it works...and the Adult's Kanji Training looked good but im not sure. Could you use these games to help learn japanese? Any one know at what level someone would need to be to be able to use them or get anything out of them? And one last thing what level of japanese would you need to be to play normal japanese games like the final fantasy one or the many others would you have to be 2kyuu? or advanced level? Just curious as kanji seems to be like its going to be a major focus from now on I'd like to get something that would help learn it faster if possible. I believe i linked correctly, I don't know if anyone is familar with the games so thus I linked so you could at least understand what I'm asking about and maybe help a little. Thanks

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RE: Learn by playing?

Post by Kagemaru » Wed 11.29.2006 1:49 pm

If you are able to adequately read and comprehend the game descriptions in Japanese listed at the bottom of the links you listed, I feel you will able to operate and benefit from using the Adult's Kanji training program.
Of those listed, that is the only one I own, and I have found it great for not only learning Kanji, but also identifying the many 部首(Kanji radicals) in Japanese, 人偏、金偏、土(つち) etc, which for during the harder courses in that game, you are able to receive hints using the radical names.
This is the latest one, so I am not familiar with extra features over the old one. But I recommend it. Others may disagree.
Nothing that a good 塾 book cant teach you either ;)

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RE: Learn by playing?

Post by chi » Sun 12.03.2006 7:09 am

It doesn't look like any of those are avaliable to order yet =/
That's a shame because utilising my DS to help me learn 日本語 would be quite beneficial to my learning in general. I could learn kanji on the bus without carrying a pack of flashcards in my pocket!

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RE: Learn by playing?

Post by mamba » Sun 12.03.2006 10:33 am

I actually have Kanji sonomama DS Rakuhiku Jiten. Its a Japaese/English dictionary for Japanese people (the whole menu is Japanese and it only speaks the English words when you search for one) But I use it anyway and its really really good. You can handwrite the kanji and it searches. They also give examples. It even has an English dictionary which says the word. Its got alarm clock, a world clock, a lot of other stuff I dont know because the dictionary is all in Japanese. I use it all the time.

The other 2 i dont know, maybe ill go check them out.

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