Getting some books, need opinion.

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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Getting some books, need opinion.

Post by k0001 » Fri 12.08.2006 5:08 pm

I'm getting some books, they are supposed to teach Japanese in Spanish. I would like to know your thoughts about these if you know them.

I've used "Kana para recordar" from this ed. and is excelent!! 10/10 !!!

the ones i'm getting are these next week:

Nihongo. Rensu-Cho 1 (excercises) ... &id=864&o=
Nihongo. Kyokasho 1 (text book) ... &id=867&o=
Nihongo. Bunpo (grammar) ... &id=866&o=

so.... are these ok to start? what do you think?

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RE: Getting some books, need opinion.

Post by tanuki » Fri 12.08.2006 5:52 pm

I own the "Nihongo Bunpô" and it offers good explanations and several examples. Overall, I find it a very good reference book.

I don't know about the textbook and exercises book, but if they are of the same quality, then they are definitely good for a start.
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RE: Getting some books, need opinion.

Post by ashitaka » Fri 12.08.2006 6:45 pm

I've never heard of them but they look like good books, but then again all books are good. books BOOKS books.

They should be just fine, as long as they use kana instead of rômaji.

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