Japanese music help listening!?

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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Japanese music help listening!?

Post by Jay3205 » Wed 12.13.2006 12:15 am

Does listening to Japanese music help alot of you with your listening ability? I hear this recommendation alot, but it just doesn't seem to work for me. I often find the words to be shortened or lengthened to match the music, and it doesn't really help me understand Japanese at a natural spoken pace. In addition, new words I may pick up often are tied to the music, and I can't remember them fast without mentally replaying the song in my head. Do you think music helps much with listening skills?

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RE: Japanese music help listening!?

Post by datdo » Wed 12.13.2006 12:44 am

Depends on your strenghs and weaknesses...and how do you it
it looks like you can't retain things that you hear very well so you might want to look at lyrics while you listen and instead of listening to many songs try listening to one song or if thats too little try narrowing it down to at least one artist or group. After a while you might become accostomed<sp> to that artist's speech patterns and might be able to then pick stuff up easier.

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RE: Japanese music help listening!?

Post by Ichigo19 » Wed 12.13.2006 2:05 am

Music helps me a lot. I listen to it while I study all the time and like datdo said listening to like one song or specific person can help you get used to how that person talks. I get obsessed with a song and I jus listen to it for about a month straight sometimes longer...But after listening to lots of different songs and people I can usually understand what they are saying as in understanding the sounds its more clear to me now than when I first started, My level isn't high enough to actually understand what they say tho...but music is very helpful for listening practice, plus it always seems to help me study better by not lettin me get too bored of the grammar or kanji im doing then. It takes some time but you will eventually adapt an ear for hearing better and more clearly and wont have too much difficulty hearing. But dont do fast songs right off slow is probly the best to start off with. Also music VIDEOs actually seem to work a lot better since you can see them talking and can make out what they are saying as well rather than just a sound file with no visuals. for an example ayumi hamasaki's song, Fairyland is decently slow and is pretty easy to follow.
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