Japanese Learning Suite v3.0.3 is ready!

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Japanese Learning Suite v3.0.3 is ready!

Post by phreadom » Fri 02.09.2007 12:05 pm

We've just released version 3.0.3 for everyone. (Free as always) :D

Check out the 3.0.1 thread for more details and previews, or just head straight over to download it!

We hope you enjoy it! (^_^)

-Added some functionality to kanji lookup
-Added kana practice sheet preview
-Added kana practice sheet guide transparency (there's a preview of this and the preview in the 3.0.1 thread)
-Added JLPT 4-1 kanji dropdowns to all the kanji forms
-Added version check (item in help menu to check if there is a newer version of JLS ready)
-Added some character buttons to the romaji to kana form
-Added some functionality to the dictionary lookup
-Fixed a bug I found on kanji choice.
-Fixed bug in saving "audio on kana mouseover" setting.


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