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Degree/Certificate in Japanese

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Degree/Certificate in Japanese

Postby Aki_4 » Tue 11.06.2007 3:10 pm

I'm currently researching Japanese degree and certificate programs online and in my area (Northern VA, DC).

Does anyone know of any degree and/or certificate programs online?

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RE: Degree/Certificate in Japanese

Postby hungryhotei » Tue 11.06.2007 3:31 pm

I only know about the distance learning courses offered at Sheffield.
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RE: Degree/Certificate in Japanese

Postby Mike Cash » Wed 11.07.2007 5:15 am

I believe the University of Maryland has a highly regarded Japanese program. No idea if they have online/correspondence courses available, but it should be easy for you to research.
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RE: Degree/Certificate in Japanese

Postby Aki_4 » Thu 11.08.2007 1:24 pm

Thanks for the info. I asked for more info from Sheffied but haven't had a reply yet. I looked up the U of MD program and there is no online program for their Japanese studies.

Thanks again.
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RE: Degree/Certificate in Japanese

Postby MoogleFan » Sat 12.08.2007 2:27 am

I, too, would like to find an on-line Japanese language college course which would lead to credits and possibly to a degree, but I haven't come up with much in my research...
However, BYU is now offering an on-line distance education course in 3rd year Japanese (with second year and first year Japanese as prerequisites). Hopefully, they will offer 1st and 2nd year Japanese in the future! I don't remember seeing the 3rd year Japanese offered until just recently (I'm currently taking a non-Japanese course on-line there and it's great so far), so I am going to keep my eyes peeled.
3rd Year Japanese

For anyone reading this topic who is not college-age yet, the following classes for 8th-grade through 12th students:
First Year Japanese 1
First Year Japanese 2
Second Year Japanese 1
Second Year Japanese 2

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RE: Degree/Certificate in Japanese

Postby latenight2736 » Mon 12.10.2007 1:11 am

are you talking about an actual bachelor's in japanese or just something to prove that you know japanese?

if its the former than I believe more than just knowing the language is required for a japanese degree at most universities, usually history courses also. If its the latter I am not sure about any place that just gives you a certificate that you know a language. Usually you learn the language in whatever capacity you can and then take a standardized test (JLPT) that people can judge your ability by.

EDIT: That sheffield program looks like the closest to what you are looking for. also check community colleges in your area. They might have night classes you can take.
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