Konichiwa, Mina-san!

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Konichiwa, Mina-san!

Post by kupcayke » Fri 11.02.2012 12:20 am

Hajimemashite Mina-san! Watashi atarashi! well srry, im having a hard time composing japanese sentences...although i know alot of japanese words now and their meaning...however i cant make a sentence...well i am new! Hope everyone can be my friend! :)

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Re: Konichiwa, Mina-san!

Post by April8 » Tue 11.27.2012 10:02 pm

Hi, Atarashi San,

Watashiwa APRIL desu
Hajimemashite dosoyoroshiku

Can i be one of your friend?
I'm the new beginner of Japanese Language.

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Re: Konichiwa, Mina-san!

Post by japankid26 » Mon 12.03.2012 5:51 pm

こんにちは~わたしもともだちをなりたい。よろしくおねがいします。 :D
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