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Postby SusuKacangSoya » Fri 08.01.2014 3:09 pm

Hello there, guys! :D

I'm a 16 year old Malaysian living in Canada. My first Japanese forum was actually Japan Forum, and although quite a bit of the tutors there are nice and attentive, some were also incredibly rude and/or arrogant. And I feel that forum is for much more "mature" learners, considering the fact that they seem to do not like "needless" questions. It isn't THAT active either.

Anyways, that aside, I've lurked for about 3 minutes here, and I'm liking what I see in this forum. I look forward with learning Japanese with you guys and learning from the 先生s here. I've definitely have learned how to not ask stupid questions, but I don't have any money to use (or at least, I've been taught so and never really got the green light), so I can't get a textbook. The only thing I have is my mum's tablet (she never uses it, and she doesn't seem to care that I have an overpowered user account that is wayyy more developed than hers) along with my two phones (one of which has the speaker bricked and is "weak" (it's an i896)) and my recently acquired Galaxy S3 Mini which was given free along with my brother's switch to a new phone plan) all running on Android-based OSes, and my N4010 and iBook G3 along with this Alienware desktop.

Yes, even I myself find it ridiculous how I have all these OP expensive digital items while I get bashed on for asking for a Beaglebone Black, which is technically what I want, not a gaming computer. Anyways, I will see what I can do to get some funds for my studies, but for now I think I am doing slowly but okay with free resources.

Endless babbling aside, again, I look forward to learning with you guys. My study plan is decent but not fully complete, which is why I kinda currently have half-learned N4 and N5, but it's good enough that I can understand a small variety of texts partially. I want to get my study plan together so I can fully understand basic texts, which is why I'm looking around for forums.

My usual ritual for joining a new forum is to ask a question, but I believe that questions should go in other subforums. As such, I'll go ahead and post a grammar question soon. Look forward to knowing you guys. よろしくね. ^-^
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Re: 自分に紹介

Postby Ongakuka » Fri 08.01.2014 10:20 pm

Hi there!  :wave:

Your user name is quite long, what should we call you? :p

I'm not sure about other sites, but I joined TJP years ago, and the community here is so relaxed and friendly without the usual snobbery you find on internet forums, thanks to the people that work hard to maintain it. A really good environment for studying Japanese.

So make yourself at home! :colonthree:

Oh by the way, in Japanese there's a specific phrase for 'self-introduction' >> 自己紹介 (じこしょうかい) That's a useful one to know. がんばって!☆
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Re: 自分に紹介

Postby SusuKacangSoya » Sat 08.02.2014 3:10 am

o.o, I never would've figured that one out. Thanks! :D

I generally go by the name of 冬雨 on the internet (It's not meant to be a grammatically correct or sensible name, by the way; it's just my two favourite Kanji mashed together, and it's supposed to be pronounced ふゆあめ with no On readings). My old name used to be Snowyfox.

And I'm glad to know that snobbery isn't prominent here. I've learned a lot and become a bit more mature, I believe, so I'll try to not cause trouble in any way, but I'll at least have the relief of knowing that there won't be anybody getting their heart broken or their dreams shattered by somebody using harsh words here.
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