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Hajimemashite, ishikawa desu...m(_ _)m

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Hajimemashite, ishikawa desu...m(_ _)m

Postby Ishikawa » Fri 07.29.2005 5:00 pm

HI, i'm IShikawa from Italy and i hope to improve my japanese with you, my course friends!
thnks a lot in advance for the help u will give me and write me about japan or everythings if u want....sayonara
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RE: Hajimemashite, ishikawa desu...m(_ _)m

Postby ShinDig » Fri 07.29.2005 5:18 pm

ciao :)...piacere!!! or hajimemashite :D...have fun here!!
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RE: Hajimemashite, ishikawa desu...m(_ _)m

Postby Forever Yours » Sat 07.30.2005 12:06 pm

Hajimemashite...Hope you get enough out of this place that you want....And hope to see you posting on the forum or learning on chat...Good Luck
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RE: Hajimemashite, ishikawa desu...m(_ _)m

Postby kydancer0123 » Sat 07.30.2005 3:13 pm

Konnichiwa, Hajimemashite!:)
The people here are always nice, so feel free to ask any questions. Good Luck with your studies!:)
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