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Post by DanZ » Sat 07.30.2005 8:19 am

What's up?

A friend who has been learning Japanese pointed me to this site, so far looks pretty good ^_^

I've only just started learning Japanese and have some Hiragana learnt already.

Later on. :)

Forever Yours
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RE: Hey

Post by Forever Yours » Sat 07.30.2005 12:10 pm

Hey DanZ.....Well ive probably been learning longer but i guess your more advanced in Hiragana...I Know none.....Good Luck anyway
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RE: Hey

Post by Daisuke » Sat 07.30.2005 12:58 pm

Hi, good luck learning Japanese ;)

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RE: Hey

Post by kydancer0123 » Sat 07.30.2005 3:12 pm

Hi DanZ, Nice to meet you! :) I've learned all Hiragana, but I still need help with my readings. Good Luck with your studies!:)

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