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Postby DeathstarX » Sun 08.07.2005 6:26 am

HeyoZ all! I'm semi-new here (from all the lurking and now...my first few posts). ^^ I think the site is awesome (love all the lessons haha). And I hope to meet a couple of new friends around. ^^

Oh yes...about myself.

I'm an 18 year old girl from Singapore who is currently in junior college. I'll be taking my A levels at the end of this year -shudders-.

I like animals (dogs most), music, er...sleeping, reading and just having fun with friends. My favourite animes include Inuyasha, Gensomaden Saiyuki and Gundam Wing. As for mangas...well...haven't read that many. Clamp X, Gensomaden Saiyuki and Chobits. My favourite type of music would be rock. All the way from Creed to X Japan. haha.

Anyway, see ya all around! ^^
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RE: heyoZ!

Postby jaela » Sun 08.07.2005 7:24 am

hello! i like dogs too . i have a rottweiler and a small mutt.. i like saiyuki too .. and i'm glad that i found a person who has actually read it .. (don't you think they smoke too much? my fave there is hakkai :) i have seen more anime than read manga (err, hope that's clear ..) the only manga i've read are bleach and aishiteruze baby ...

hobbies include learning japanese and how to cook ... i also like rock .. creed among them, also collective soul, matchbox 20, and a lot of old ones like alice in chains, aerosmith and pantera ... and newer rock bands too ...

by the way, watashi mo onna desu!!! see you around ... :D
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RE: heyoZ!

Postby ShinDig » Sun 08.07.2005 8:08 am

hajimemashite :)..I Looooove dogs :D...have fun here!!!!! and good luck ;)..

ooo..and i like rock also, especially Indie Rock, (Coldplay, Athlete, Franz Ferdinand, Kasabian..etc..) :D
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RE: heyoZ!

Postby DeathstarX » Tue 08.09.2005 4:38 am

Hee. Nice to meet you both! ^^

To jaela: Yea...I think they smoke way too much. haha. Especially Sanzou. And I like Hakkai most too! haha.

To ShinDig: Coldplay! Ooo! Love em. But sadly my brother does not share my liking for their songs. haha.
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