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Hey everyone! New here...

New members may introduce themselves in this forum

Hey everyone! New here...

Postby dreimer » Wed 08.17.2005 5:34 pm

Hi! I am new to the forum, and new to the Japanese language. A bit of background:

I live in Seattle, and serve in the Navy Reserves. On my yearly 2 week stint for the Navy, I went to Sasebo. This was the first time I'd been to Japan, and I absolutely loved it over there. The culture, history, people, and language. I met several very nice people, and became very interested in being able to speak the language. This will be the first non-English language I have attempted, so I may ask a lot of questions.
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RE: Hey everyone! New here...

Postby Daichi » Thu 08.18.2005 5:43 am

Welcome, and good luck with your studies.

Don't worry about asking loads of questions, the people here are more than happy to answer them.

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