Hey Guys!

New members may introduce themselves in this forum
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Ichigo fan X
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Hey Guys!

Post by Ichigo fan X » Fri 08.19.2005 4:18 am

Hello.. Im new here and I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Carol but almost everyone calls me lina- I still dont know why. I am 16 years old [17 in October YAY],I am from New York And I am soo happy that I found a site that will help me learn Japanese... well anyways Hello and I hope to talk to you guys soon :D
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RE: Hey Guys!

Post by Daichi » Fri 08.19.2005 4:49 am

Hello Carol, good to meet you.
I hope the people here are a good help to you.


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RE: Hey Guys!

Post by Rykoro » Fri 08.19.2005 10:14 am


Welcome to TheJapanesePage.com Carol, nice to meet you.
Hope you have fun!


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