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Postby dorobou » Thu 08.25.2005 4:58 am

Hello guys... Just call me "dorobou", my username... About me... Well, I've been studying Japanese for 5 years... been working in a Japanese company but have never been to Japan yet so I believe what I've learned for 5 years doesn't make me a Japanese language guru. Just like all of you, I want to enhance my proficiency in this language. 以上です。Ganbatte ne.
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RE: konnichiwa

Postby njt » Thu 08.25.2005 8:58 am

welcome :) what Japanese company do you work for?
hope you enjoy your stay~
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RE: konnichiwa

Postby Daisuke » Thu 08.25.2005 3:41 pm

Hey, welcome to the site. :) Have fun here.
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