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Kukkuluuruu from Finland

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Kukkuluuruu from Finland

Postby Sanna » Fri 08.26.2005 5:05 pm

This page is all that I've been looking for! Jippii (finnish yippee)!

I don't know how to introduce myself...
I'm a girl from Finland...
I have studied japanese for 2 years... and I want to study it more...
ok, this is too hard, harder than learning japanese, so, I won't continue...
Maybe you will found out later..
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RE: Kukkuluuruu from Finland

Postby Daichi » Sat 08.27.2005 5:10 am

Don't worry, I suck at introductions too! You did a lot better than I did.

Welcome to the site, and best of luck with your studies.

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RE: Kukkuluuruu from Finland

Postby Daisuke » Sat 08.27.2005 7:02 am

Welcome to the site. :) I hope you find it helpful for your studies.
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RE: Kukkuluuruu from Finland

Postby hyperconjugated » Sat 08.27.2005 10:20 am

Tervetuloa mestoille ja tsemppiä opinnoille!
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