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Postby Rina » Tue 09.06.2005 8:36 pm

Hello everyone, my name is Rina. I have just recently joined here, and I hope to not be a burden to anyone. I have a great passion for learning the Japanese language, for my future and my pleasure. Though I am only in the 8th year of school, I hope to learn much about the Japanese language and its culture by the 10th year. Someday, I hope to be a translator of many languages. I have no one as a friend who is interested in this as much as I am, so it is slightly difficult for me to practice verbal speaking. For future reference, I apologize for any annoyances that I may cause, in the case of any help references. I thank you greatly for an opportunity to introduce myself.
Thank you and Bye-Bye
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RE: Konnichiwa~

Postby Daichi » Wed 09.07.2005 5:42 am

Hey there, nice to meet you.
Don't worry about 'being a burden', just make sure you check the FAQs before you post a question, and you won't go wrong.

Good luck with your studies.
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