Hajimemashite! ^_^

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Perpetuum Mobile
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Hajimemashite! ^_^

Post by Perpetuum Mobile » Thu 03.04.2010 10:11 pm

Hello, Im Peter from Glasgow, Scotland. Lovely to meet you all!
Im not very proficient in Japanese just yet, but give me a wee while on that one and thats hopefully gonna change! :D

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Re: Hajimemashite! ^_^

Post by chikara » Fri 03.05.2010 12:32 am

TJP e youkoso :)
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Re: Hajimemashite! ^_^

Post by kanachan » Sun 03.07.2010 1:08 pm

Hi Perpetuum Mobile! Welcome to the JapanesePage. (am I allowed to welcome others? lol I am new myself.)

It's good to know you know how to speak Japanese.
I can't. T_T

but give me a wee while on that one and that's hopefully gonna change ;) -wink-

*^I hope it's okay that I used that too xD*

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