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Postby Veespin » Sat 03.06.2010 12:28 pm

Hello everyone! I found this site looking for more Japanese forums to join and I stumbled upon this one. I have been studying for about 6 years mostly by myself and I have been to Japan 3 times since 2006 so far. I hope to study Japanese in Japan for about 6 months to a year someday. I can read quite a bit of kanji, but still consider myself an intermediate since I still need a lot of speaking practice. I also own my own Japanese forum. Hopefully I can find some useful information here. :)
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Re: はじめまして

Postby heiwa » Sun 03.07.2010 9:09 am

yousoko. It is very nice to hear your passion on Japan/Japanese. ganbattekudasai.
doumo arigatou gozaimasu.
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