Konbanwa from Manchester, England

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Konbanwa from Manchester, England

Post by janbo » Tue 03.30.2010 4:29 pm


I am very happy to have found this excellent website. I am learning Japanese (Nihongo)in my spare time, I have been listening to the 'Earworms' Japanese audio-only course for a few months, which has been quite helpful in learning some basic Japanese phrases. Now I've just started trying to learn hiragana. Wish me luck!

I visited Japan for the first time last year, and I loved it. The Japanese people I met were very patient with my very limited language skills and so helpful... I'll always make sure to try to be as helpful to tourists who come to Manchester!


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Re: Konbanwa from Manchester, England

Post by NileCat » Tue 03.30.2010 7:31 pm

Welcome to TJP, janbo-san!

I'd love to visit Manchester some day.

Good luck with your study.


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Re: Konbanwa from Manchester, England

Post by chikara » Tue 03.30.2010 9:27 pm

TJP e youkoso :)

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