Hajimemashite ^^

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Hajimemashite ^^

Post by Zenzora » Wed 04.21.2010 12:41 am

Hajimemashite, dozo yoroshiku. :)
Watashi no namae wa Zenzora desu.

I have been studying Japanese on my own for a few years. It was never offered as a subject at my school so I have been constantly looking for other ways to learn and connect with others. I can read and write hiragana, recognise most katakana and some kanji. Every time I go to the library I always go straight to the language section.

I plan to save money and travel to Japan. So I hope to learn and make some friends there so that I can visit them. ^^

Nihongo wo isshyo ni benkiyou shimashiyou~ :D

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Re: Hajimemashite ^^

Post by chikara » Wed 04.21.2010 10:58 pm

TJPへようこそ :)
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Re: Hajimemashite ^^

Post by becki_kanou » Wed 04.21.2010 11:24 pm

Hello and Welcome to TJP!

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Re: Hajimemashite ^^

Post by john2 » Thu 04.22.2010 6:38 pm

チ日ピー*へ よこそ。
ゼンゾラが どぞうよろしく お願いします。
//is the word isshou there a noun or an adjective.

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