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A new member in Kyoto

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A new member in Kyoto

Postby Paradis » Fri 04.23.2010 8:41 am

Hi everybody,

My name is Paradis. I live in Kyoto and belong to Kyoto University. I would like to get many friends with who we can exchange japanese knowledge. I'm poor in japanese, I can read some Kanjis (about 30) :ninja: . I can speak french and english. My native language is french.

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Re: A new member in Kyoto

Postby tōkai devotee » Fri 04.23.2010 10:25 pm

Hi and welcome to TJP! You're very lucky to be living in Kyoto. I'm jealous!!
I wish you luck with your Japanese studies. You will get lots of help here. :)
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Re: A new member in Kyoto

Postby chikara » Sat 04.24.2010 12:20 am

Paradis wrote:... I live in Kyoto and belong to Kyoto University. ...

TJP e youkoso :)

How long have you lived in Kyoto?

tokai devotee wrote:.... I'm jealous!! ....

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Re: A new member in Kyoto

Postby becki_kanou » Mon 04.26.2010 12:25 am

Hello and welcome! Kyoto is a wonderful city isn't it? I hope you enjoy your stay here!
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