Jujitsu girl

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Jujitsu girl

Post by jusgem » Sun 04.25.2010 7:10 am

Hi all

I noticed a lot of people have become interested in Japanese through anime but I am a bit different.

I live in the UK an I've been practising Jujitsu for about 4 years now off and on and have found a new Dojo where we are taught in Japanese. I am really excited to be learning the language and want to learn more outside the Dojo.

Our Grand Masters come over and visit from Japan every couple of years and will be over this year so I will need tips on etiquette etc. I am a green belt (that's about 4 gradings) so other students at my level will have been studying at that Dojo longer and know more Japanese than I do, so I want to catch up. It's such a great opportunity to learn from them the last thing I want to do is end up being disrespectful without realising it.

Also any tips on good Japanese films, all styles, and where to get them would be great. I love martial arts films and foreign cinema.

Thanks guys


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Re: Jujitsu girl

Post by phreadom » Fri 05.07.2010 12:25 am

Welcome to TJP! :)

Unfortunately as I'm a newbie myself I can't be of much help with those things... :think: But I think there are others here who could be much more helpful. :colonthree: Hopefully one of them will offer some helpful advice, or point you in the right direction for etiquette... as I'm not sure if there is a particular set of rules specifically for your situation in the dojo (I know almost nothing about that :sweatdrop: ), beyond your general Japanese social etiquette.

Hopefully someone will step forward and point you in the right direction! TJPへようこそ! :mrgreen:

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