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Post by Trivium » Mon 09.26.2005 5:27 am

Howdy All

My name is Trivium and I've just signed up here XD

I'm 19 and I have just started Uni doing Japanese as a degree..

I've just started the language so atm i know very very little Oo but I love Japan and Anime and J-Rock etc so i'm sure i will pick it up soon ^o^

This site looks awsome kudos to the creators... there is a lot of helpful stuff on this site i can use

Anyways i shall see you all around people ^_^

Bai Bai ^^;

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RE: Hello

Post by Daichi » Mon 09.26.2005 5:49 am

Welcome Trivium, have fun, and good luck with the degree.

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RE: Hello

Post by colind » Mon 09.26.2005 7:23 am

Hi Trivium,
I did the same thing. Started doing Japanese as a Uni degree. I'm now in my 2nd year and love it. I think at uni they progress quite quick, well for me it was that way. So now I'm pretty pleased with the level of Japanese I've reached in this time. And in a week I'm going to Japan on an exchange program! I can't wait!
Good luck with your study! Hope you enjoy it heaps!

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RE: Hello

Post by Zeo » Mon 09.26.2005 8:56 am

Welcome to this page:)

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