HELLO PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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HELLO PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post by xpid » Sun 05.02.2010 9:57 pm

This could be my inaugural post here at thejapanesepage.com
Keep that in mind that i have a fully confident mastery on both hiragana and katakana, but words, the grammatical code, as well as kanji just as small learned that you might look at it by a microscope. And of course, i've integrated the IME to type the language, unfortunately, i need to know how to type it with ease, as well as the layout of it (Keep that in mind that my keyboard layout is an american standard english)

So is HAJIMEMASHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: HELLO PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post by chikara » Mon 05.03.2010 1:57 am

TJPへようこそ  :)

Oh, and there is no need to shout. :P
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