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Konnichiwa, everybody

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Konnichiwa, everybody

Postby Sistema_GokuderaXIII » Fri 05.14.2010 8:25 pm

Hey guys, this is my first time on this website. I was looking for a website that offers FREE Japanese that teaches everything from Greetings to Color and tells how the sentence order is like. Anyways, I love to watch anime online because i think subs is far greater than dubs, play Bleach Tactics and Ninja Manager, a Naruto MMORPG game. My favorites anime (so Far) is Katekyo Hitman Reborn( number 1), Bleach, Naruto, Afro Samurai, Outlaw Star, Tenchi Muyo series. and many others. My dream to learn Japanese and go to Japan to explore everything. What I hope to gain from this websites? everything, i will learn until my head hurts and will become the next Vongola Boss. :whistle: LOL
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Re: Konnichiwa, everybody

Postby LegendDK » Sat 05.15.2010 7:44 am

Welcome to TJP! :) This site is a great tool for learning Japanese although you might wanna get some books etc.
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Re: Konnichiwa, everybody

Postby Aoshiroi » Sat 05.15.2010 8:35 am

Hello and welcome to TJP :)
Sites I use: Tae Kim's GuidenihongoresourcesSmart.fmLang-8WWWJDIC
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