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Re: ohai

Postby sazanami » Wed 07.07.2010 11:54 am

First of all, I also would like to welcome you v10japan. :)
I usually don't use forums, because in a strange way, if it comes to internet and such forums, I m very shy. I'm also a newbie here and to take my courage in both hands and to introduce myself was hard. So I think I can fully understand how can it feel to post the first time and stuff.
But, from the other hand, I don't understand something. I've read all the repiles and actually I don't find rude what JaySee wrote. He just told his opinion and tried to help, as someone who already knows more about Japanese. He also gave a link to a site, which I think can be very helpful to all of us. (Thank you for the link JaySee! :D) So he just doesn't wanted you to to learn the things maybe wrong, but surely in the right way...
I think if someone learns something really seriously, they have to learn it the much they can, perfectly. Mostly if that thing has such parts, which needed to learn perfectly. But for that we have to bear also critisism too... I actually would be happy if there would be someone, who would criticize my little Japanese knowing. This is my opinion, I hope I didn't hurted nobody's feelings, I doesn't meant that.
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Re: ohai

Postby v10japan » Tue 07.13.2010 1:07 am

This is so ridiculous.

Can a mod please delete this topic?
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Re: ohai

Postby The Lady Ashuko » Tue 07.13.2010 11:54 am

What's the point? You're the one who resurrected this almost a week after people stopped posting on it. People don't have long memories when it comes to the internet and if you'd just shrug it off and let it go, people would forget about this in a day or two.
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Re: ohai

Postby v10japan » Thu 07.15.2010 5:59 pm

The Lady Ashuko wrote:What's the point?

The point is that I don't want to be reminded of it.
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