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Re: はじめまして!ブリタニーです。

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Re: はじめまして!ブリタニーです。

Postby ブリタニー » Tue 06.22.2010 10:58 pm


My Japanese is pretty limited, I only know a few phrases and vocabulary, meaning I can't really have a conversation with anyone yet. I am very devoted to learning Japanese, and I hope to make many Japanese speaking friends on here. I've wanted to learn Japanese since I was around 10 years old, but I didn't know where I could learn it.


(If any of the Japanese above is incorrect, feel free to correct it for me!)
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Re: はじまして!ブリタニーです。

Postby chikara » Wed 06.23.2010 12:30 am


ブリタニー wrote:.... 私はアメリカ人です!...

アメリカ人  :)

ブリタニー wrote:.... 日本語がわかりますか?.....

はい、少し :blush:

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Re: はじまして!ブリタニーです。

Postby monaco_errante » Wed 06.23.2010 3:01 am


はじまして is not correct; the right word is はじめまして (hajiMEmashite). It comes from hajimeru that means "to start" ^__^

日本語がわかりますか is clear to me but probably a japanese-native speaker would say 日本語が話せますか (lit. "are you able to speak japanese?") or even if the argument is clear from previous speech 日本語どうですか ("how about japanese?")
so far, don't worry! japanese is a long and difficult path to follow, but it will give a lot of satisfaction!

Hope I could help

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Re: はじめまして!ブリタニーです。

Postby ブリタニー » Wed 06.23.2010 1:05 pm


Thank you both!
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