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from KSA to Japan :)

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from KSA to Japan :)

Postby shosho » Sat 06.26.2010 6:54 pm

Hello every one :)
this is Shosho from Saudi Arabia ^^, 23 years old 8)

my passion for Japan started when i was a child, i used to watch 'Konan the inspector"< i dont know whether the translation is right or wrong :blush:> and many other cartoons,
then i was impressed by japanese history and how they have reached this stage of development in such a limited time, Also i like its culture -its somehow look like our culture -, and what makes me want to visit Japan is The Pink Tree "Sakura" i would die to walk under it :wink: - i'm planning to Paint it on my bedroom wall :P - . I have watched some japanese dramas too.

the only words i know in japanese are > Ohaio, Arigato, Simumasen :sweatdrop:

I wish i could find here friends who share the same interests, and i welcome any motivation and greeting
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Re: from KSA to Japan :)

Postby NileCat » Sun 06.27.2010 11:58 am

Hello Shosho.
Greetings from Japan. Welcome to TJP! :)
Assalam Alaikm!
Well...that was the only Arabic word I know...which means you're much better than me regarding foreign languages. :blush:

Since I'm so ignorant about your country and culture, I kind of researched about KSA and I came to want to know more!
It's always great to see a new member in this forum.
Please enjoy your Japanese study!
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