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Greetings from Bistrita

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Greetings from Bistrita

Postby no_kaze_remaining » Sat 07.03.2010 3:14 pm

HELLO or KONNICHIWA, everyone! I am some new Romanian dude. I study at National College "Liviu Rebreanu" Bistrita in the tenth grade and I am, from now on, a member of this useful site. This is how it happened: I was enjoying my summer holiday, kicking my boxing bag (I practice a few of the Ninpo arts, such as Taijutsu, Bojutsu, Sui-ren or Shurikenjutsu) and I thought "hey, it would be interesting if I learned a bit more Japanese than the shinobi profession requires". I looked for a place on the Internet where I could find out more, and, following the recommendation of one of my friends, I discovered this site. I am most pleased to say that it worked fine for me. Thanks to this site, I could learn hiragana a lot quicker than I thought, so I thought to become a member... And so, I am here, learning more and more Japanese. I hope that by the end of the summer I will be able to speak, read and write it at least at an average level. Thanks again to the producers of this site and have a nice day! :D
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Re: Greetings from Bistrita

Postby chikara » Sun 07.04.2010 11:26 pm

TJP e youkoso :)
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Re: Greetings from Bistrita

Postby phreadom » Mon 07.05.2010 5:04 am

Welcome to TJP! :D Your goal sounds pretty ambitious, but I think if you really put an effort into it you can make some great progress!

ganbatte ne! :D
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