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Hello from Latvia!

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Hello from Latvia!

Postby soldieroH » Sat 07.17.2010 5:33 pm

Hi! :D
My name is Janis and I have started learning japanese this summer. I got interested in japanese language and culture because of watching anime. I have already learned all kana and now I go for the kanji. So far learning them is very hard, but it's very fun! My goal is to be able to read japanese manga. :)
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Re: Hello from Latvia!

Postby phreadom » Sat 07.17.2010 8:59 pm

Welcome Janis-san! :D

You seem to be making good progress so far. :) I'm sure some people here could recommend different ways of learning the Kanji. There seems to be an ongoing debate about Heisig's "Remembering the Kanji"... and people who say to just learn them as you go... or people who recommend programs like Anki etc. :P Personally, as I'm still a newbie myself, I can't really give good advice on it. ;)

But good luck! がんばってね! :mrgreen:
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Re: Hello from Latvia!

Postby chikara » Sun 07.18.2010 10:51 pm

TJPへようこそ  :)
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Re: Hello from Latvia!

Postby Snowflake » Mon 07.19.2010 9:59 am

Hi there, Janis! Well done with the kana!
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