Good sometimeoftheday~

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Good sometimeoftheday~

Post by TokikoChan » Wed 07.21.2010 10:58 pm

...actually, good early morning from here, it being 04:58 AM at the time I'm writing this...

Well, regardless of the time of day, I'm some generic random person from Norway, and I love languages and translation in general, very much.
Of course I know Norwegian, it being my native language... I'd call myself pretty fluent with English as well... had French for three years in school, though the drawer in my head which contains that information must have rusted shut... and I've had two years of Spanish in school, still being pretty fresh in my mind.

But, the language in which I'm most interested to learn more of, is no doubt Japanese. I'm not all that interested in learning how to speak it, but learning how to read it is most important. Writing comes in close second, and understanding spoken Japanese is third. Maybe I'd be more interested in trying to learn specifically to speak it as well, later on...

The reason why I want to learn Japanese... I don't know, really. I'm just, as formerly mentioned, very interested in language in general. Japanese as it is, is fascinating. I dream of being able to chat with some of my Japanese acquaintances someday, as well.
Far too shy to even consider asking about trying to hold a conversation in English, though I do see a few individuals who openly try to start conversations in English. It's all nice~ Eventually being able to understand Japanese video games better, short stories, that kind of thing, is also a nice incentive.

Anyhow, I already know perfectly well how to interpret kana, quite a few kanji... some grammatical rules and everyday words are also in place... I don't think I'd survive a day in any Japanese-speaking region, though, even if all conversation were to go by writing on paper/through digital means. I really need to get away from this eternal laziness and work on memorizing verb conjugation rules once and for all, someday.

I'll probably be lurking around quite a bit, looking for things to learn, not being much of the posting type, I'm afraid... but maybe I'll dare making a few posts, join in on the chat or similar, sometime in the future... now then, if anyone survived through this bothersome wall of text, supposedly being an introductory post, or someone has the habit of skipping through long things and start reading things backwards, best regards to you all. (=ヮ=)ノシ
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Re: Good sometimeoftheday~

Post by becki_kanou » Wed 07.21.2010 11:40 pm

Hello and Welcome to TJP!

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