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Postby XxHoshiChanxX » Fri 07.30.2010 11:02 am


Hiya ! My name is Seren and I live in England. My Japanese skills are limited, I know a few sentences and words in Romanji, and know about 2 hiragana symbols. I would like someone to teach me Japanese and hopefully become friends. I would prefer someone from Japan who can speak english as well, but it doesn't matter if you're not fluent in english, I can help you.
I love the country of Japan and it's language, I hope to move there when I'm older, or at least visit it.

Please send me a message or whatever.
Arigatou Gozaimasu !
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Re: Hiya!

Postby Snowflake » Sun 08.01.2010 12:26 pm

Hi there, Seren! Glad you're here!

With regard to someone teaching you Japanese on this site, well, you may find you start teaching yourself! Perhaps you could start with the Learn tab on the top of this page (in the grey banner), then drop down to Lessons --> Beginner --> Hiragana (and once you get a handle on that, move on to Katakana).

Good luck!
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Re: Hiya!

Postby Tsikura » Sun 08.01.2010 7:45 pm

Yeah, you'll definitely want to teach yourself hiragana and katakana first before spending time with others.

Use the hiragana guide found here carefully and use constant repetition to get everything down! You may also like to use this pdf printout to practice stroke http://www.guidetojapanese.org/hiragana_trace_sheet.pdf

Practice practice practice!
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Re: Hiya!

Postby chikara » Sun 08.01.2010 11:48 pm

TJP e youkoso :)

XxHoshiChanxX wrote:...... I know a few sentences and words in Romanji .....

There is no "n" in Rōmaji (ローマ字) :)
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