Hello! :)

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Hello! :)

Post by fragilefigure » Sat 08.07.2010 2:11 pm

Hey - I have been using this site for the last week and finally decided to make an account. I thought that being able to use the forums might be useful and encouraging, so here I go. :3

I have been watching anime/reading manga for a few years, yada yada I'm sure you get that all the time. So I have wanted to learn Japanese for a while, in short. Unfortunately, I missed out on the chance in school in favour of learning German, which was nice, but now I have the initiative to teach myself Japanese. This site has been an amazing resource, by the way. Awesome.

Anyway, I hope to someday visit Japan, if not move there. If I end up taking this seriously enough, I think I will probably take Japanese as a minor in university, so that I might be able to teach English in Japanese schools. :)

I have high hopes. I just have to stick with it, I guess. :P

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Re: Hello! :)

Post by Snowflake » Sat 08.07.2010 6:05 pm

Hello, fragilefigure! Glad you're here!

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Re: Hello! :)

Post by chikara » Mon 08.09.2010 9:54 pm

TJP e youkoso! :)
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