Hey there everyone

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Hey there everyone

Post by reghrhre » Wed 08.25.2010 4:24 pm

Hey guys! I have just found out about this site today and I have decided to join because I've been interested in learning Japanese for quite some time now. I have actually just started learning today so I practically don't know anything other than a few simple words, but that'll change. ;)

I don't have much to say as I thought I would so with that, I'm gonna try to be as active as here as I can since from lurking around here it looks like a good community.

Arigatou! :D

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Re: Hey there everyone

Post by Nodlain » Wed 08.25.2010 9:18 pm

Enjoy the hiragana tutorial on this site, I used it years ago (and didn't touch Japanese learning again until late 2009) and still remember all the characters today. My favorite ones.. 'mi', 'to', 'ne', and 'o'.

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Re: Hey there everyone

Post by Snowflake » Wed 08.25.2010 9:53 pm

I'm so glad you decided to join the forums, reghrhre! Have fun and enjoy your studies!

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