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Post by FriendlySi » Sun 09.26.2010 2:14 am

Hajimemashite, Watashi wa Simon desu! Dozo yoroshiku

Now that I got the showing off out the way... I'm Simon :) 24, in the british army based out in Cyprus. I used to learn Japanese about 2 years ago, but I kinda stopped when things got really busy.

You wouldn't believe that being based out here with all the sun, sea and all the party towns things can get incredibly boring. So I'm looking to pick up the language again (after my girlfriend suggested it...). Nice to meet you all and I'm willing to be an online penpal to anyone that could help me speak the language regularly online!


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Re: Hello

Post by Snowflake » Sun 09.26.2010 10:11 am

Welcome, FriendlySi! Like you, I started learning a while back but after only 3-4 months, had to take a 2-year break. I think you'll be surprised (and delighted) by how fast it comes back to you! I know I was!

I'm glad you found TJP. Very friendly people here -- just right for a fellow named Friendy :D.

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Re: Hello

Post by chikara » Sun 09.26.2010 11:50 pm

Simon-san, TJP e youkosu :)
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