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こんにちは :)

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こんにちは :)

Postby rei_shichi » Wed 10.13.2010 7:28 am

日本が大好きです. :colonthree:
よろしくおねがいします. :wave:

hmm..so! my name is Shichi. You can call me "shi-chan". for no particular reason. i just love it. :wink: I'm a Filipino, but i currently live in London. :D
I've been studying Japanese on my own for about half a year or something. I want take Japanese Studies in University, which is in a year's time if I do get in. I pretty much hope so. :pray: Okay. I love anime and manga, films and drama, and the music, of course. :lol: I know hiragana, pretty much learned half of katakana, know nothing about kanji-- at all. :roll: i'm a friendly person, if i do say so myself. :colonthree: so-- let's be friends!. i hope you can help me out with my studies. and i can help you out with-- well, anything!. :lol: どうもありがとう ! :whistle:
^_^ just around the corner ^_^
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Re: こんにちは :)

Postby chikara » Wed 10.13.2010 10:33 pm

TJPへようこそ  :)
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