Good afternoon from Japan!!

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Good afternoon from Japan!!

Post by mr_johnny_lee » Mon 12.06.2010 12:02 am

I stumbled across this page while looking up some grammar points, seems like an interesting place to "hang out".

Anyway, I'm from the UK but I've been living and working in Japan for the last 2 years and 3 months (ish) and I have to say it's been an amazing experience. I'm not actively studying Japanese but I will write down new phrases and words when I hear for speaking, I have a few friends who have very little English knowledge so I have no choice but to speak to them in Japanese which is good for me.

I've been in Tokyo the whole and I'm looking to move to a different city sometime next year but will decide then, still mulling it over...depends on so many things.

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Re: Good afternoon from Japan!!

Post by chikara » Mon 12.06.2010 7:12 pm

TJPへようこそ  :)

Good to see you start a new thread. You certainly seem to like necroposting. :mrgreen:
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