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Postby CrimzonBlade » Mon 01.10.2011 12:06 pm

はじめまして。 かいです。よろしく おねがいします。
(How do you do. My name is Kay. Pleased to meet you.)

My name is Kay, and I am currently in Reading, England, UK. I am at the University of Reading studying Graphical Communication (Publishing). As an additional module, i am also studying Level 1 Japanese.
As my main qualification is a 3 year course, I plan to take level 1, 2 and 3 in Japanese.
My main goal in life is to take a dear friend of mine to Japan to visit various hot springs to give him a chance to cleanse both his body and his spirit.
I am very grateful to all the people behind this wonderful website as it has given me an extra boost in helping me learn Japanese. I really wish your podcasts were available in the UK iTunes store though ;P

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Re: はじめまして。

Postby chikara » Mon 01.10.2011 5:09 pm

ケイさん、TJPへようこそ  :)
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