Hi from an intermediate learner in Kyushu

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Hi from an intermediate learner in Kyushu

Post by somnyad » Thu 02.03.2011 9:06 am

Hi everybody!

I am married to a Japanese guy, and my spoken Japanese is OK,
but I REALLY need to learn Kanji, so that is the main reason why I joined.
I live in Saga but will be moving to Nagasaki soon. I am an English Teacher.
It is horrible to be illiterate in the country where I might live the rest of my life, knowing that there is a wealth of a people that I am missing out on.
No, really I just want to read JUMP when it comes out every Monday... Just kidding!
But seriously, I would really like to be able to read JUMP, novels, magazines, and also have a variety of translating or interpreting jobs available to me.
At this point, I'm not even JLPT2 level yet, though I can speak Japanese at the level that it takes people a few minutes to figure out that I'm foreign when talking on the phone.

I am pretty good at teaching language in general,
graduated with a minor in Linguistics, and have six years of teaching English, some Spanish, and a little conversational Japanese under my belt,
so I might be answering some questions as well, when I think I can help with an answer!

Very nice to meet you all!

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Re: Hi from an intermediate learner in Kyushu

Post by NileCat » Thu 02.03.2011 10:40 am

Hi somnyad, welcome to TJP!
I’m sure that all the forum members are happy to help you and be helped by you. Please feel free to post any question about your problem with kanji reading.
Yoroshiku onegai shimasu.

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Re: Hi from an intermediate learner in Kyushu

Post by chikara » Thu 02.03.2011 6:19 pm

TJPへようこそ  :)
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