Bonjou-- Oh, wait a sec...

New members may introduce themselves in this forum
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Bonjou-- Oh, wait a sec...

Post by ㌨㍕㍿ » Sun 03.13.2011 10:02 am


Annnd that's about as far as I can get with self-introduction in Japanese at the moment. For anyone who is yet unable to read Japanese but has speaking experience/uses romaji...

Hazimemasite. Watasi no namae ha numera kaantexi desu. Yorosiku onegai simasu.

That "xi" in there represents the small "イ" in there. te + small イ indicates the sound "Tea".

Anyway, not that I've made sure everyone was able to read the Japanese bit...

Hiya. I'm Canti Numera. I'm an internet drifter of sorts. A few months ago, I made the decision to teach myself Japanese. My method of doing this has consisted of making things designed to teach it to other people. I know, weird, but I as a learner have noticed (what I believe are) some fundamental flaws in the way the textbooks I've managed to collect approach the subject (after checking your database, I can see why my books aren't exactly at the top of that list, you know?). So as a newbie I'm finding what works for me the hard way so I can offer it to others the easy way.

Anyway, my projects include some Anki decks (all but one still in pre-release), and a as-yet unreleased site called Logos which has a broader goal. It's basically supposed to be a unicode-level depot for learning the fundamentals of writing systems.

I started it in december, had the database for japanese complete in january, but since then I've been working on a PHP script that can generate "mazes" of flashcards as seperate html, because it's important that Logos still work without either PHP or javascript. It's kind of a nightmare.

So, that's me. Glad to meet you and I hope I can be of some use. :bow:

Oh. Also, in regards to the poll... 私の好きな色は紅です。Watasi no sukina iro ha kurenai desu. (紅[kurenai] is crimson. Minor shade difference from 赤[aka{red}] but there you are.)
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Re: Bonjou-- Oh, wait a sec...

Post by chikara » Mon 03.14.2011 7:36 pm

TJPへようこそ  :wave:
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Re: Bonjou-- Oh, wait a sec...

Post by Dustin » Mon 03.14.2011 11:45 pm

Welcome to TJP !

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