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Postby anna05 » Fri 03.25.2011 10:47 am

konnichi wa
hajimemashite, watashi no anna desu.. yokoso minasan..
hope what im telling is right... nihongo ga daisuki desu.. pls correct me if im wrong.. pls help me learn more japanese words.. minna arigatou.. ja ne!
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Re: newbie..

Postby phreadom » Fri 03.25.2011 1:46 pm

anna05 wrote:watashi no anna desu..

I corrected this in the chat, but I'm not sure if you saw it... so I'll add it here as well. :)

It would either be "watashi wa anna desu" or "watashi no namae wa anna desu".

The "no" is the possessive particle here... so the first way is like "as for me, (I'm) anna" and the second is like "as for my name, it's anna"

Does this help?

Anyway, welcome to TJP anna-san! :wave:
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