might as well be a newbie intro

New members may introduce themselves in this forum
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might as well be a newbie intro

Post by obiwanshinobi » Tue 04.26.2011 8:06 pm

Well I have been interested in learning japanese for a while but haven't had any freinds interested as well. Well I'm probably gonna be logging on via my android so I will have to write in roman letters.

Right! intro:
Obiwan desu.

That's about the extent of my current skill level. I can do that and basic hello, goodbye, and thank you.

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Re: might as well be a newbie intro

Post by chikara » Wed 04.27.2011 1:10 am

TJP e youkoso :wave:
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Re: might as well be a newbie intro

Post by Ongakuka » Wed 04.27.2011 6:38 am

That's a cool name :) >> Obiwanshinobi

welcome to TJP, I'm sure you've noticed it has great learning resources and a friendly community that will support your learning.

May the Japanese be with you, always.

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