Hello! ;)

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Hello! ;)

Post by Leafiya » Tue 07.26.2011 8:27 pm

Hello, Everyone!!

I signed up for Japanese classes this fall, and cannot wait. Hopefully between this site, my lessons, and other means, (Books, programs, changing all of my technology settings to "Japanese" ;) ) I will be able to learn it. If anyone would care to tell me any tips, I'd greatly appreciate it!! Thanks!

I am going to Major in Linguistics, and Minor in Japanese. My ideal job is working over in Japan, hopefully as a Teacher with JET program (Or translator!) By obsession with Japanese culture started when I was a young girl, and I saw a picture of a Cherry Blossom. I was fascinated that such a tree existed. After all, as a young girl, I LOVED the color pink. It was love at first site.

Also, be my friend. :dance: Can't have too many of those things.

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Re: Hello! ;)

Post by micahcowan » Wed 07.27.2011 3:56 am

こんにちは、 Leafiyaさん、 TJPへようこそ!

Hi, Leafiya, and welcome to TJP!

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