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Post by Roa » Tue 09.27.2011 7:09 pm

So yea. The name's Roa. Or Morgan. Whichever your heart desires. I'm 15, and I'm self studying Japanese. I'm pretty much a complete newb with the language though, having only seriously been at this for a week or two. (Although I've been 'studying' on and off for a year now. >_>)

I retrain information like a sponge a lot of the time. I have Genki I, along with a huge book on kanji. (Remembering the Kanji). As well as using various online resources. I also write down almost everything that I'm learning in this red notebook. (I pretty much shame the Kanji's when I write them in there. for sure)

Asides from studying Japanese, I listen to a lot of music, I watch the Occasional anime, and, mostly, play video games with my spare time. (My PSP is my baby)

I just went back to school, so I don't have free time when I'm there, but I have a lot of spare time to study and such when I get home.

But yesh. Long introduction about me and my japanese habits. NIce to meet you all. ^^;

I also should probably mention I'm taking Spanish at the same time as this. So I'm about the same level on both, currently.

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Re: Hello~

Post by micahcowan » Tue 09.27.2011 7:20 pm

Welcome to the site, Roa! :)


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