A Busy Hello.

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A Busy Hello.

Post by Novice » Tue 10.18.2011 11:46 pm

Hello. My name is Carl. I live in Seattle, and plan to live in Japan, hence my attempting to learn the language. I am not exactly fluent yet (notice the name "novice"), but am starting to memorize Hirigana characters. I am very busy language wise, as I tried to get into a Japanese class, but they were both full. I still wanted to learn, which is why I'm here. Now I'm learning both Spanish and Japanese, and I have a strange feeling I'm gonna be doing better in Japanese.
Sorry for rambling,
- Carl

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Re: A Busy Hello.

Post by Shiroisan » Wed 10.19.2011 3:03 am

Hi there, welcome :D

Learning two languages at once is not easy, even if they sound nothing alike. And according to various sources, Japanese requires 3 times more attention to attain proficiency than Spanish does- so depending on how immediately you're planning on leaving for Japan, I would consider only focusing on Japanese for now. That's just me.
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Re: A Busy Hello.

Post by chikara » Wed 10.19.2011 11:07 pm

TJPへようこそ  :wave:
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