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Ohayo Gozaimasu! Konnichiwa! Konbanwa!

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Ohayo Gozaimasu! Konnichiwa! Konbanwa!

Postby Jokermagician » Thu 10.27.2011 2:07 am

Hello to all. I'm quite glad to be here and to have found a site such as this. I have been trying to teach myself Japanese for a while and have not been able to keep myself on track due to different intrusions of activities that I take on. hahaha. So, I've joined this site to try to find a way or to even find people that would help to push myself/me to learn Japanese and to help others (if one day I could learn enough to help, i would love to help others!). I'm quite amiable (I believe) so please introduce yourselves, if you'd like, and I would be pleased to make your acquaintance. All and all, I would love to make friends with whom I could learn this challenging yet exciting language with.

I hope to talk with you all soon!

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Re: Ohayo Gozaimasu! Konnichiwa! Konbanwa!

Postby amantonas » Thu 10.27.2011 4:37 pm

It's pretty hard to stay on track and make time, but I'm sure everyone can find a way. Good luck!
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Re: Ohayo Gozaimasu! Konnichiwa! Konbanwa!

Postby chikara » Fri 10.28.2011 1:14 am

TJP e youkoso :wave:
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