Another japanese learner~

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Another japanese learner~

Post by tama_92 » Sat 11.05.2011 4:49 pm

Hello there ! :D

I'm tama, 20 years old, living in Paris (France), studying computer-related stuff in school. Half French, half Chinese (it really helps for recognizing kanji :P)
Learning japanese, haven't taken any JLPT test but have been studying for ~3 years.
What else ? ... Love watching anime and reading manga, that's why I began studying japanese ^^ my favorite one is Clannad btw. Haven't been to Japan yet, hope to get there for a work experience next year :P

That should be enough for now.
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Re: Another japanese learner~

Post by phreadom » Sat 11.05.2011 7:04 pm

はじめまして。 TJPへようこそ! (Welcome to TJP Tama-san!) :wave:

It was nice chatting with you earlier. :mrgreen: Hopefully we'll see you again soon. :bow:

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