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Post by OUnoGakuse » Sun 11.20.2011 12:20 am

こんにちは! がんばて! 僕の名前はJakeです オハイオ大学の学生です。三年生ですが日本語でニ年生です。いしょに勉強してください

I have studied in to the 200 lvl, but need help and practice. I'm using the "Invitation to contemporary Japanese" textbook series. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: hello

Post by micahcowan » Wed 11.23.2011 5:05 am

Welcome to TJP!

A small note: you're missing the 小さい「つ」 in a few spots, such as がんばって, and いっしょに.

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Re: hello

Post by chikara » Tue 11.29.2011 9:04 pm

TJPへようこそ  :wave:

micahcowan wrote:A small note: you're missing the 小さい「つ」 ....
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