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Postby Dr. Love » Thu 01.05.2012 9:27 pm

What is said above is true. My name is Will and I have an abnormal obsession towards coffee. Okay, that might be a bit far, but you know what I mean.
I have had ambitions of living in Japan ever since I was little, for varied reasons. I am 13 now, and I have been studying Japanese for about a quarter of the year now.
I am far from fluent of course, but I can say miniscule things like "今日は木曜日ですか。"
I have used this website as a teaching tool for hiragana and katakana, and while I know a bit of kanji, I am hoping that this site will help teach me some more.
Dr. Love
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Re: はじめまして。

Postby LordOfTheFlies » Thu 01.05.2012 11:02 pm

Welcome to The Japanese Page, hope you like it here! I don't think it's very good to have an abnormal obsession towards coffee when you're 13, but I guess you're old enough to decide yourself :D

Also you're doing really well for just having studied for a quarter of a year. You're not making all the obvious beginner's mistakes that most people make in the beginning :)
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